J.Gar.Cia Contemporary Dance

J.Gar.Cia Contemporary Dance was created in 2005 by the director and choreographer Jorge Garcia.
Since its formation, the company has developed its own language in its choreographic, aesthetic and thematic approach, raising questions about the body and the environment in which it is inserted, its possibilities and how to transform it.
Using the diversity of artistic languages as a creative tool, it also focuses on the study of dance on video and in the urban environment, emphasizing the search for a versatile body that comes as close as possible to the individual and contemporary.
Based in São Paulo, Brazil, the company develops a study of dance that seeks new possibilities of strength and sensitivity in the artist, appreciating the interpreting artist as a creator in potential.

2016 presentation calender


May 04th to 08 and 11 to 15: São Paulo | Capital 35 | TAKE A DEEP BREATH


August 26: Rio de Janeiro | Festival de Dança em Trânsito CCBB | ROTATÓRIA

August 27: Rio de Janeiro | Festival de Dança em Trânsito CCBB | IMPRIMI POTEST


22/10 : Fortaleza I Bienal do Ceará I Cantinho de Nóis

Take a deep breath

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