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(2016) Take a Deep Breath

Technical informations Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia Direction assistant: Edson Fernandes Interpretation and colaboration: Jorge Garcia, Marina Matheus, Natasha Vergilio, Rafi Sahyoun, Willy Helm Sound ambiance: Eder O Rocha Light design: Ari Buccioni Scenario: Jorge Garcia Artistic intervention (Scribbles): Edson Fernandes Camera consulting and video: Paulo Uras Neto e Joaquim Tomé Executive Production: Bufa Produções […]

(2014) Copyleft

Technical informations Conception and Choreography: Jorge Garcia Interpreters -creators: Amanda Raimundo,
 Camila Ribeiro,
 Irupé Sarmiento, 
Kênia Genaro, 
Marina Matheus, 
Marisa Bucoff and 
Natasha Vergilio Musical edition: Joaquim Tomé Scenario: Jorge Garcia (Assessoria de Leo Ceolin) Light design: Jorge Garcia (Assessoria de Ari Buccioni) Executive Production: Bufa Produções – Aline Grisa Photographic register: Silvia Machado, Joaquim […]

(2014) Imprimatur

Technical informations Direction: Jorge Garcia Cast: Amanda Raimundo, Carolina Sudati, Fernando Martins, Henrique Lima, Jorge Garcia, Marina Matheus, Natasha Vergílio and Willy Helm Musical direction and violoncelo: Dimos Goudaroulis – Domenico Gabrielli – Ricercari per il violoncello solo Electroacoustic operation: Aquiles Guimarães Scenario: Estudioscópio (Leo Ceolin) Light design: Ari Buccioni Costumes: João Pimenta Executive Production: […]

(2013) Divinéia

Technical informations Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia Rehearsal: Marisa Bucoff Cast: Jorge Garcia, Willy Helm, Henrique Lima, Fernando Martins, Edson Fernandes, Jerônimo Bitttencourt and Alexandre Magno Soundtrack: Colagem musical sobre temas de Suba, Cordel do Fogo Encantado, Finley Quaye and DJ Dolores Scenario and costumes: Jorge Garcia Duration: 50 minutos Free classification  

(2013) Imprimi Potest

Is the official approval of a higher authority of the Catholic Church (or his representative) to a work written by a member of a religious order to be published. From his solo Nihil Obstat * Jorge Garcia transposes to the bodies of his cast a constant challenge in this work, which shows the freedom and […]

(2013) Rotatória

Technical informations Direction and dramaturgy: Rogério Tarifa Choreography and interpretation: Jorge Garcia Scenography: Ateliê La Tintota Costumes: João Pimenta Soundtrack: Ramiro Murillo Photographic register: Silvia Machado Graphic design: Sonaly Macedo Executive Production: Bufa Produções – Aline Grisa Duration: 50’ Free classification  

(2012) I Suite for Solo Cello by JS Bach

From Logo-Dialogues project, designed by Dimos Goudaroulis first cellist to record the 6 suites of J. S Bach, following the manuscript of Anna Magdalena Bach. There is a proposal to join the genius of the composer with the virtuosity of the choreographer Jorge Garcia and dancers from Jorge Garcia Company of Contemporary Dance, seeking to […]

(2012) Glass Box

Technical informations General direction: Jorge Garcia Interpreters -creators: Amanda Raimundo, Lina Gómez, Natasha Vergílio, Martina Sarantopoulos, Jerônimo Bittencourt, Edson Fernandes, Mariana Molinos, Fernando Oliveira, Mariza Virgolino, Carolina Sudati and Fernando Martins Soundtrack: Fernando Oliveira e Fernando Martins Scenario and general consulting: La Tintota Scenography execution: Pigari Cenografia Costumes: Carolina Sudati e Natasha Vergilio Light design: […]

(2010) Rewriting Area

The show examines the possibilities of dialogue with the urban environment and tries to rewrite spaces and narrative. the initial proposal is to leave the rehearsal room and investigate the work in alternative spaces in the city. With autonomy to give breadth to their own movements and instincts, the company’s members held actions in different […]