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(2010) The Same Place From Ever

Four imprisoned beings in a delimited space by its own structure and waiting for someone or something. Living in the same place with the same people, in an environment where the desire for sensation, hope, tension and insoluble anxiety establish a society with its own rules and duties. The characters lead us to the reflections […]

(2010) Interlude

The show features four women who, when faced with the public, seek in their characters an amplification of their own features. With this as a starting point, parts of their bodies begin to gain involuntary movements and through these stimulations they develop a gesturality where the world of clowns, associated with contemporary dance, merges with […]

(2009) Nihil Obstat

Solo played by Jorge Garcia. the work seeks attention for freedom and the possibility of transformation in every place and in every moment. From the soundscape created by Henrique Iwao, researcher and experimental musician, some elements such as mini-amplifiers distributed the scenic area and a little toy horse trying to create sound movements at different […]

(2008) The head of Orpheus

What happens in the minutes before death, when the scenes of our whole lives flash through our minds. As in a film, a dream, where the most important moments of the trajectory of a person are relived. Inspired by the work-experiment Orfee’s Head, created for the 2nd year of the department of Dance Theatre (MTD) […]

(2007) A Stupid Story

Inspired by the universe of clowns from the early twentieth century and the silent film. It is a work where the simplicity of gestures, minimalist actions and feelings , are the keynote of approach.   Technical Information Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia Choreography assistant: Clarice Lima Interpreters- creators: Alexandre Magno, Amanda Raimundo, André Graça, Beto […]

(2006) Midnight Stories

Machado de Assis tales as A Parasita Azul, Ernesto e Tal and Ponto de Vista. Stories that address the tensions and the singularities of human relationships were the basis for research and for the construction of choreographic work.   Technical Information Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia Cast: Amanda Raimundo, Jorge Garcia, Willy Helm, Natasha Vergílio […]

(2005) Our little corner

A place, a corner, a song, a tale. ? Inspired by Brazilian songs and folktales, the show emerged from the musical study of the album “Songs of Brazil”, the photography book “Maracatu do Baque Solto” (“Maracatu of Baque Solto”) by Pedro Ribeiro and Maria Lucia Montes, and the book “Contos Tradicionais do Brasil” (“Traditional Tales […]