(2005) Our little corner

A place, a corner, a song, a tale. ? Inspired by Brazilian songs and folktales, the show emerged from the musical study of the album “Songs of Brazil”, the photography book “Maracatu do Baque Solto” (“Maracatu of Baque Solto”) by Pedro Ribeiro and Maria Lucia Montes, and the book “Contos Tradicionais do Brasil” (“Traditional Tales of Brazil”) by Câmara Cascudo. ?
The show sums itself up in the transformation of a nostalgic and religious climate of sugar cane cutters in the forests of Pernambuco into a rhythmic, full of dance, surreal environment of the carnival in Olinda.


Technical Information

Direction and Conception: Jorge Garcia

Choreographers: Henrique Lima, Jorge Garcia and Marisa Bucoff

Interpreters: Henrique Lima, Jorge Garcia, Marisa Bucoff or cast option: Amanda Raimundo and Willy Helm.

Soundtrack: Cantos Populares Brasileiros and DJ Dolores

Light design: Ari Buccioni

Scenography: Henrique Lima and Jorge Garcia

Costumes: Marisa Bucoff and Jorge Garcia

Executive Production: Bufa Produções – Aline Grisa

Graphic Design: Sonaly Macedo

Photographic register: Silvia Machado

Video register: Osmar Zampieri

Duration: 60′

Free Classification


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