(2007) A Stupid Story

Inspired by the universe of clowns from the early twentieth century and the silent film.

It is a work where the simplicity of gestures, minimalist actions and feelings , are the keynote of approach.


Technical Information

Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia

Choreography assistant: Clarice Lima

Interpreters- creators: Alexandre Magno, Amanda Raimundo, André Graça, Beto Amorim, Natália Mendonça, Natasha Vergílio, Martina Sarantopoulos and Patrícia Bergantin

Soundtrack: Aguinaldo Bueno

Light Design: Ari Buccioni

Scenario: Fábio Marcoff

Costumes: Danúbia Costa

Executive Production: Bufa Produções – Aline Grisa

Graphic Design: Sonaly Macedo

Photographic register: Silvia Machado

Video register: Osmar Zampieri

Duration: 75′

Classification: 16 years old


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