(2010) Interlude

The show features four women who, when faced with the public, seek in their characters an amplification of their own features. With this as a starting point, parts of their bodies begin to gain involuntary movements and through these stimulations they develop a gesturality where the world of clowns, associated with contemporary dance, merges with other techniques, creating a type of humor that is mocking, sarcastic and dynamic.


Technical Informations

Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia

Cast: Amanda Raimundo, Natasha Vergílio, Martina Sarantopoulos, Lina Gómez and Edson Fernandes

Soundtrack: Il Trovatore from Giuseppe Verdi

Light Design: Ari Buccioni

Costume and Scenario: Jorge Garcia

Executive Production: Bufa Produções – Aline Grisa

Photografic register: Silvia Machado, Henrique Iwao e Rose Carneiro e Charles Trigueiro

Video register: Osmar Zampieri

Duration: 25′

Free Classification


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