(2010) The Same Place From Ever

Four imprisoned beings in a delimited space by its own structure and waiting for someone or something. Living in the same place with the same people, in an environment where the desire for sensation, hope, tension and insoluble anxiety establish a society with its own rules and duties. The characters lead us to the reflections on the similarities of this reality with our own system, translating this wait and constant conflict in their movements and dramaturgy.


Technical Informations

Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia

Rehearsal assistant: Edson Fernandes

Cast 01: Jerônimo Bittencourt, Jorge Garcia, Amanda Raimundo e Willy Helm

Cast  02: Amanda Raimundo, Marina Matheus, Natasha Virgílio e Rafaela Sahyoun

Soundtrack: Pedro Moreira

Light Design: André Boll

Scenario: Ateliê La Tintota

Costumes: João Pimenta

Technical direction: Ari Buccioni

Executive Production: Bufa Produções – Aline Grisa

Graphic Design: Sonaly Macedo

Photographic register: La Tintota

Video register: Osmar Zampieri

Duration: 50′

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