(2012) I Suite for Solo Cello by JS Bach

From Logo-Dialogues project, designed by Dimos Goudaroulis first cellist to record the 6 suites of J. S Bach, following the manuscript of Anna Magdalena Bach.

There is a proposal to join the genius of the composer with the virtuosity of the choreographer Jorge Garcia and dancers from Jorge Garcia Company of Contemporary Dance, seeking to express through the body all the secrets, symbols and arguments that the musical work suggests, generating different approaches and possible interpretations by movement. The 1a. Suite for Solo Cello by J.S Bach, plunges into the creation of the universe, where the music is played live and the musician is at the center and the dancers dance in spiral around the musician with inspired movements in the rotation of the universe and the dynamics of his left fingers           


Technical informations

Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia

Project criation of  “Logo-diálogos”  and  violoncelo: Dimos Goudaroulis

Soundtrack: 1a Suíte para Violoncelo Solo de J.S. Bach

Direction assistant  and rehearsal: Edson Fernandes

Cast: Amanda Raimundo, Jorge Garcia, Willy Helm, Natasha Virgílio, Marina Matheus e Rafaela Sahyoun

Original creation lighting: Joyce Drummond

Lighting adaptation: Ari Buccioni

Scenario and costumes: Fábio Namatame

Graphic design: Sonaly Macedo

Photographic register: Silvia Machado e Eliana Souza

Executive Production: Bufa Produções – Aline Grisa

Duration: 50 min

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