(2013) Imprimi Potest

Is the official approval of a higher authority of the Catholic Church (or his representative) to a work written by a member of a religious order to be published.

From his solo Nihil Obstat * Jorge Garcia transposes to the bodies of his cast a constant challenge in this work, which shows the freedom and the possibility of transformation in every place and at every moment. Through improvisation, the interpreters are used both certain structural, sound and physical scenic elements as certain choreographic principles, conceptual and dramaturgical present in the solo version to investigate and restructure the scenic environment.


Technical informations

Direction and Choreography: Jorge Garcia

Direction assistant: Irupé Sarmiento

Cast: Giuli Lacorte, Irupé Sarmiento, Jorge Garcia, Marina Matheus, Natasha Virgílio, Rafaela Sahyoun

Light design: Ari Buccioni

Sound improvisation: Eder “O“ Rocha

Scenario and costumes: Jorge Garcia

Graphic design: Sonaly Macedo

Photographic register: Silvia Machado

Executive Production: Bufa Produções – Aline Grisa

Duration: 60 min

Free classification


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